Three More Nights

……. Until I leave for Uganda to volunteer with  Scared? Yes.  Ready to “ignite one million” women out of extreme poverty? Yes!

Bags packed, check! Immunizations, check! Malaria pills and all meds for 2 months- almost! In preparation for this journey, I have been advised to carry everything from electrolytes to Epi-pens!  I feel as though I am preparing to land on another planet- not knowing at all what to expect.  This is what makes the journey so incredible and makes me feel so alive!  My love for Africa began many years ago, and my dream is finally coming true to visit this amazing land.  I will have the opportunity to work directly with women in extreme poverty in Kampala and capture their stories of triumph, survival, and overcoming the odds in a country where business failure rates hover around 81%.   Women of second chances.  Women who are facing fears.  Women who long for change and step up to the challenge.

Today is my last day at work until mid September.  Three more nights with my husband Rusty, my English bulldog Desmond, and my sweet pug, Boomer.   Three more nights with my three stooges at home.  Historically, goodbyes have proven difficult for me.    I have said au revoir  to France, Israel, Greece, Chicago, and find it hard to part after relationships have blossomed, been watered, and grown roots in my deep connecting heart.

As a sufferer of anxiety, I have packed coloring books, crayons, pencils, and markers to ease my nerves while traveling 25 1/2 hours to my preliminary destination.  A friend shared with me an adult coloring book called ” The Secret Garden“, recommended for adults to help provide focus and stress-free activity for the mind.  I am planning on coloring my way to Uganda via positive affirmations, gardens, and beautiful butterflies in my secret garden.  The metaphor is a propos because life is like a secret garden.  Treasures to be discovered if we just make room to find them.  To be open to possibilities.  Open to discovering the unknown.  Open to inquiry, relinquishing our need to control every outcome.  Uganda will be my secret garden, and I can’t wait to plant my first seeds there!

To join the movement to empower, educate, and provide the promise of self-sufficiency for 1 million women in extreme poverty around the world , please visit :

If you would like to support BeadforLife’s vision of expanding the Street Business School program and want to link arms with me, please donate to my fundraising goal of $100,000 here  : vegas ignite one million

Webale Nyo! (Thank you very much!)

6 thoughts on “Three More Nights

  1. Melanie Walker

    Have an amazing journey of self discovery and giving unconditional love.
    Don’t forget the seabands, to ease anxiety while you color.
    Praying and wearing my beads daily until your safe return. Xo melanie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heather Grant

    So excited for you Jen! And very proud that you have the courage and faith to take this journey … You have my unconditional love and support!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂


  3. Sandra Galindo

    Have fantastic time! We’ll be following you on this amazing journey. Best wishes for a blessed and educational trip.


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