A-Z Oil Education


There are infinite ways to use these amazing wonders of nature! This easy to follow A-Z video series is designed to teach you simple ways to incorporate these oils into your daily routine! Whether you are looking for usage tips, application methodologies, or increased confidence when sharing with your friends and family, these will help you on your journey!
doTERRA essential oils are sustainably sourced and undergo rigorous third-party testing ensuring purity and potency for maximum health and wellness benefits.

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A: Arborvitae

A: Aroma Touch

 B: Balance

B: Basil

B: Bergamot

B: Black Pepper

B: Breathe

C: Cardamom

C: Cassia

C: Cedarwood

C: Cilantro

C: Cheer- Uplifting Blend

C: Cinnamon Bark

C: Citrus Bliss

C: Clary Calm

C: Coriander

C: Cypress

D: Deep Blue- Soothing Blend

E: Elevation-

F: Frankincense- The King of Oils


G: Geranium

G: Ginger

F: Forgive- The Renewing Blend

H: Hope Touch- 100% donation to Operation Underground Railroad

I: InTune- Focus Blend

I: Immortelle- The Anti-Aging Blend

L: Lemongrass

M: Motivate- The Encouraging Blend

O: On Guard- The Protective Blend

P: Passion-The Inspiring Blend

P: Patchouli

P: Peace- The Reassuring Blend

S: Slim & Sassy

V: Vetiver

Y: Ylang Ylang