A-Z Oil Education


There are infinite ways to use these amazing wonders of nature! To learn how to get these gorgeous 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils into your home, business, or classroom, click here.   doTERRA essential oils are sustainably sourced and undergo rigorous third-party testing ensuring purity and potency for maximum health and wellness benefits. #standinlove#p

A: Arborvitae

A: Aroma Touch

 B: Balance

B: Basil

B: Bergamot

B: Black Pepper

B: Breathe

C: Cardamom

C: Cassia

C: Cedarwood

C: Cheer- Uplifting Blend

C: Cinnamon Bark

C: Citrus Bliss

C: Clary Calm

C: Coriander

C: Cypress

D: Deep Blue- Soothing Blend

G: Geranium

F: Forgive- The Renewing Blend

I: InTune- Focus Blend

M: Melaleuca


M: Motivate- The Encouraging Blend

P: Passion-The Inspiring Blend

P: Peace- The Reassuring Blend

V: Vetiver