Welcome to Stand In Love and thanks for connecting! 

I’m Jennifer Miller, passionate about relationships and creating life-giving opportunities for people to thrive around the world!  I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and enjoy sharing natural solutions for emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Stand In Love Mission:  Serve People | Inspire Ideas | Live Your Purpose

Stand In Love began with a passionate idea. To take a solo journey across the globe to the equatorial city of Kampala, Uganda to serve global NGO BeadforLife as a communications correspondent. The mission of BeadforLife is to provide entrepreneurial training to the world’s most impoverished women through an expertly designed program called the Street Business School.   I began my work as a Community Partner Volunteer in 2009 and longed for a deep, first-hand connection experience with the women in the programs.

 That summer in Uganda profoundly changed my life and sparked inside of me the deepest sense of purpose.  Inspired by the amazing women you see in the photograph below, and many others not shown, I decided to press onward with my dream of entrepreneurship and living each moment in this life with complete

Passion and Purpose.


Working as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, I am truly blessed with the opportunity to serve people around the world in a variety of capacities including:

  • offering natural health & wellness alternatives to amplify health,
  • creating a space for community and friendship development,
  • teaching, empowering, and mentoring women who are looking to start their own small business and experience time and financial freedom! 💕


Choosing dōTERRA is so much more than a decision to use the highest quality essential oils to support you emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Through an innovative Co-Impact Sourcing model, you directly impact the lives of  farmers, growers, and distillers around the world, including 20 developing nations.  It is truly a winning proposition!

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