How To Get Your Own dōTERRA Account

Are you ready to get your own dōTERRA account and start enjoying the awesome membership benefits in addition to the most amazing and pure essential oils sourced responsibly around the world?

If you like to get straight to it and already know which oils you would like, click HERE and follow the prompts to activate your membership today!

  • You have the option to add the $35 membership packet and pick the oils you like à la carte with this price list HERE,
  • or you can select an enrollment kit, (which waives the $35 membership)

Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and not exactly sure where to begin your essential oil journey?  No problem!  I’ve outlined 3 simple solutions each containing the most popular oils giving you the best value as well!

Option 1- Home Essentials Kit-

This kit has the 10 most popular oils from dōTERRA (9-15mL bottles with 230 drops, and 1- 5mL bottle with about 85 drops) and includes a gorgeous petal diffuser, so you can begin diffusing in your home office, kitchen, bedroom, or work space right away!  The best oils for immune, digestive and respiratory support sleep, moods, toxin free cleaning, pain and most other needs. Great for both kids and adults!

You save over $86 and this kit includes the $35 membership fee! (Any enrollment kit will waive the $35 membership fee, for a full list of enrollment kits, click HERE.

wholesale price: $275.00


Option 2- Natural Solutions Kit

I love this kit because it gives you the best sampling of dōTERRAS top essential oils, On- Guard personal care products, beautiful wooden storage box, toxic-free shampoo & conditioner, 10-hr diffuser,  PLUS dōTERRA’S Lifelong Vitality Pack including : daily vitamins and minerals,  antioxidants, and Omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids.
the Lifelong Vitality has changed my life in numerous ways, and I cannot say enough about the incredible health benefits.

The Natural Solutions Kit retails for $778,  however as a wholesale member, this kit is only $550.00+ tax/ shipping saving you over $228.  It includes your wholesale membership, AND gives you a bonus 100 free product points to choose free products of your choice, and also fast tracks your Loyalty Rewards by earning 15% back on all future orders!!!





Option 3-  Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit

Perhaps you are new to oils and you just want to work on supporting your emotions.  These kit includes 6-5mL essential oil blends specifically designed to help you experience the uplifting and emotion boosting benefits of the aromatherapy system. Includes: Cheer, Passion, Motivate, Forgive, Console, and Peace essential oils, as well as the 10-hr adjustable Lumo diffuser.   I LOVE all of these oils, and use them daily!!!

Wholesale: $195 (saves $69)


How to get set up

It is super easy to get started. Simply CLICK HERE

  • Choose your language and the country you want to ship to.
  • Choose WHOLESALE CUSTOMER or WELLNESS ADVOCATE if you would like the opportunity to build a business and earn commissions by sharing oils.
  • Fill in your details and create a password.
  • On the next page choose the kit you want OR the $35 intro packet and type in the names of the oils and blends you want.

If you opt for the $35 enrollment, I highly recommend selecting a dōTERRA diffuser as well, so you can begin receiving the aromatic benefits of using essential oils!!! (enhance sleep, reduce stress, lower tension, etc.. )

Fill in your payment details and you are ready to go! As soon as you are set up I will send you a welcome email and a link to our private Facebook group with our incredible community of people using, loving, sharing and building a business with these oils and give you access to all of our free training, resources and webinars!!

Why get a wholesale account?

Why not get a wholesale account?  dōTERRA offers us the unique opportunity to amplify our health and wellness with natural gifts of the earth!  Joining the Stand In Love community is taking that first step towards claiming your right to WELLNESS.

In addition to the gorgeous essential oils you will receive and begin using and loving, you   will become part of a global community of advocates who believe in serving the world passionately and on purpose.   It’s not an accident you were introduced to dōTERRA, and I look forward to guiding your essential oil journey!

With your new wholesale membership,  you are welcomed into a larger community of learning and personal development.  I am passionate about connecting you with the tools, tips, and training you need to be successful using the oils, creating healthy habits,  or building a biz!  I have developed AWESOME resources for you and share these with you as part of your membership!

Want more info?

I believe in nurturing a community of connection, so if you would like more information about any of these oils and need specific recommendations before getting started, please feel free to email: