Salutations Summer Solstice

Thanks to a story shared by Ph.D Melissa Carver on LinkedIn this morning via I arrived at a deeper understanding of this radiant and illuminating time of year.  The word Solstice means “to stand still“, loosely translated.  Sol, Latin for “sun“, and sto– meaning       “stand” from sisto, “I stand still“, both from Proto-Indo-European roots.

Defined by Webster’s as “either of the two times when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator”, this day of lengthly sunlight and energy brings us to an introspective place of standing in awareness of our surroundings.  “Observance and Awareness bring us closer to gratitude, and closer to self”, writes Dr. Carver, and gives us a chance to develop new intentions through these observations at a deeper level than before.

It’s an absolute gift to appreciate your surroundings.  Noticing subtle movements all around as you stand in the center of them.  These moments of contemplation provide a vast space for us to tap into our tightly held, almost automatic belief systems and ask ourselves “Why do we believe the things we believe?”  “From where did these references come?  “Are my beliefs empowering, or disempowering?  If disempowering, have courage to ask yourself how these beliefs formed, and how you would like to change these beliefs.

Harness the masculine energy and duration of the sun’s immense heat and light today and let it guide you into a warming thought process.  Allow this  penetrating process to open your mind to infinite possibilities.  Choose to decide you are the creator of your destiny by the choices you make.  Embrace this inner strength, let it reach deep into the core of your being.

Want to learn more about expanding the POWER of your brain and unleashing the bridled thoughts of your mind?  These two books give you permission to draw on your inner strength and question what may be holding you back on your journey of bliss:

“The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” by Vishen Lakhiani  and “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins.

What intentions will you set today for yourself and the world?

Share in the comments, as this is an open forum for learning from one another!


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