The 6 Pillars of Brain Health


Did you know that your brain weighs approximately 3 pounds, and processes nearly 70,000 thoughts per day?

Inspired by an encounter with world-renowned memory expert, Jim Kwik last week at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, I am thrilled to share more in-depth my passionate work in essential oil therapy as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Business Coach!  It’s no surprise that doTERRA’s 5 pillars of health and wellness align perfectly with the The Six Pillars of Brain Health, as defined by the Cleveland Clinic.  Together, we will take a look at specific doTERRA essential oils to help you maximize each pillar of brain health.  This is a 6-part series, and my goal for you is twofold:  First, for you to fall in love with your supercomputer, and more importantly, for you to discover the wonderful world of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils that will help boost your health and wellness naturally!  Ready for a learning journey?

 The Brain is a Supercomputer

The brain is the most vital organ to everyday life and functioning and, together with the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, makes up the central nervous system which directs, coordinates, and regulates voluntary (conscious) and involuntary (unconscious) processes.   The brain, like a muscle, is “use dependent” meaning it requires continuous use to grow stronger.  A humbling statistic Jim pointed out shows nearly 75% of what we learn is lost within 48 hours if the memory is not exercised properly.

Our brains manage and direct all organs, systems, and body processes and have several layers of protection including the skull, thin membranes, and cerebrospinal fluid.  The brain also has a protective mechanism commonly referred to as the blood-brain barrier, which keeps cells of the nervous system separate from cells throughout the vascular system (the rest of the body).

Essential Oils and the Brain

Due to their unique chemical constituents and the fact that they are carbon based, essential oils are able to permeate the protective blood-brain barrier and provide support for such things as headaches, migraines, vertigo, emotions, and mood.  Oils like Frankincense and Sandalwood are composed of specific chemical constituents called sesquiterpenes, and have a particular affinity for supporting the brain.  Essential oils with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are also particularly important for maintaining a healthy brain.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the brain and essential oils, let’s take a look at the first of 6 pillars.

Pillar 1: Physical Exercise

Research shows people who exercise regularly may have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.   Exercise improves blood flow and memory; it stimulates chemical changes in the brain that enhance learning, mood and thinking.  Have you ever taken a walk and suddenly an idea came to mind that would help improve a work situation,  or relationship conundrum?  Exercise pumps oxygen to our brains and magical things happen!

 Essential Oil Tips

  • Pre-workout:  Try using the blend Breathe or Peppermint essential oils to awaken the lungs and prepare them for activity.  Both of these oils help promote clear airways and provide an invigorating aroma.  Place a small drop in the palm of your hands, rub together and cup hands over the nose and take a few deep inhalations.   I love starting the day this way!  You may also like Eucalyptus oil or Purify- the Cleansing Blend as well! That’s the beauty of essential oils, there are endless choices.  Pick what works best for you!
  • During workout:  Try a drop of your favorite energy boosting citrus oil like wild orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit in your water for a quick pick-me-up while exercising.  Just remember safety precautions when using cold-pressed citrus oils. For more on oil safety, click here.  Not only is lemon refreshing, and invigorating, it has been used historically to help lower blood pressure.
  • Post workout:  After any exercise, enjoy the soothing benefits of the Deep Blue Rub, by applying topically to areas that feel sore.  This is an amazing blend of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Helichrysum – oils that are frequently studied for their abilities to soothe inflammation, alleviate pain, and reduce soreness.  The cool, refreshing sensation when applied is an added bonus!

For all you DIY lovers, try making this simple Joint Juice blend to help promote joint support!  Simple and effective!

  • 30 drops of soothing blend (Deep Blue)
  • 25 drops of frankincense – (this boosts the benefits of Deep Blue!)
  • place in 10ml roller bottle
  • fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil and shake to blend.
  • rub onto affected area as needed.

Join Stand In Love next week as we take a look at the 2nd Pillar of Brain Health: Mental Fitness!   

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